Jonie Bra – Upright Breast Lifter Zip Front Seamless Wireless Comfort Extra-Elastic Sport Bra

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With wide side panels, Jonie bra will prevent your boobs from bulging or spilling but create a perfect fit.


Racerback design not only provides you extra support at the back but also smoothes bulges and flatters the silhouette.


The full-cup design will provide you with wonderful coverage and comfort for lounging around the house.


All problems will end with a zip! It takes you just 1 second to get on Jonie bra. 

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Customer reviews

Based on 9 reviews
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  1. Marina Searle

    I had the hardest time finding front zipping, supportive but not too tight, soft and stretchy, comfortable sports bras after having breast augmentation surgery. These SAVED ME. I bought like 10 of them. They are absolutely PERFECT. They support me in all the right places without squeezing the life out of me. They aren’t itchy and scratchy. I highly recommend them. Even my plastic surgeon had me send them the link so they could recommend them to other patients. I bought the XL and my cup size is 36D.

  2. Mia Pruitt

    These are amazing, I am in LOVE!!!! I recently had breast reduction surgery and the hospital issued bras; as lovely as they are; just weren’t cutting it anymore. I wanted something soft, but it had to zip in the front. I ordered some from a different brand and I am pretty sure they forgot that boobs will go in them! But these, I found these after reading hundreds of reviews for different zip-front bras. I am so happy with my decision to purchase these. They are soft and provide the amount of snugness I need without being uncomfortable or restrictive. I love the little fabric piece that goes with it.

  3. Maci Osborn

    I wear a 38C and purchased a size 2 extra large. I like zipping up bras and they are very supportive. The top portion of the zipper does stick out a bit under a tank top, but that doesn’t bother me that much. Does just fine being washed and dried in laundry machines.

  4. Shivani North

    I’m having shoulder surgery in two weeks, so when I got these, I thought I would wear them now to try them out. They are so easy to put on with my limited mobility, and so, so comfortable. Plus, I don’t look like I have a uniboob like I do with other sports bras. I wore it under a fitted sweater, and I thought I looked pretty good for a 57-year-old woman! I didn’t thin zipper or was worried that it would be uncomfortable, but it is covered on the ends so it doesn’t rub on your skin. I’m ordering more because I don’t want to wear anything else!

  5. Milla Barton

    I didn’t order this as a sports bra, just a regular one. I was tired of hooks and I dislike wires. I only ordered one pack. I put on one of the bras and after a brief struggle with the zipper, loved it. Very comfortable and supportive! Ordering another pack and getting rid of my other bras!!

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