Snapshot Shelfystand 360

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  • Works as its own phone stand or as a tripod attachment
  • Hands-free automatic AI composition, face tracking, and object tracking
  • Includes an app with special effects and beauty filters
  • Supports portrait and landscape shooting with
  • 360-degree horizontal rotation


Attention all Vloggers , TikTokers, and future influencers! Looking good in front of the camera isn’t hard when you’ve got a Shelfystand 360 in front of you! It’s the electronic stand that automatically keeps you focused, in frame, and looking sharp. Shelfystand 360 is the creative partner you’ve been missing for all your do-it-yourself shooting projects.


Insert 3 AAA batteries into the device.

Attach your mobile device, either vertically or horizontally.

Press the power button and prepare yourself for lots of fun.


The Intelligent Camera Mount That Automatically Tracks and Snaps for Seriously Superior Selfies and Video

  • Motorized auto-turning phone stand
  • Built-in tripod mount for cameras
  • Adjustable tilting angle
  • Facial tracking and object tracking functions
  • Intuitive app for stress-free use

Modern Design

The strong, sturdy clamp supports phones almost 4 inches wide and is guaranteed not to lose grip.

Object Tracking

The best way to record amazing videos of your baby’s first steps, or your new puppy adorably playing with his favorite toy, or that energetic friend who moves around a little too much! The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 intelligently tracks your subject so you can enjoy the moment rather than lose it trying to get that perfect shot.

Face Tracking

Simply the best selfie-taker you’ll ever use. The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 recognizes and follows your face and makes sure you are always front and center for your best pics. The two-person shooting mode enables you to take fantastic couple’s photos without any stress or disagreements!

360-Degree Horizontal Rotation

Set it up and let the shelfystand 360 do the rest! The shelfystand 360 tracks your subject wherever they are, and can even rotate 360 degrees horizontally, and 37 degrees up and down so you’re guaranteed to not miss any important memory!

Large Battery Capacity

With just 3 batteries, SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 will work to take pictures for hours and hours!

9 Reasons the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is the Smarter Choice for Intelligent Recording

Snapshot Shelfystand 360

Benefits Of The Snapshot Shelfystand 360

Guaranteed High Quality

The Shelfystand 360-degree phone mount is manufactured with premium-quality components for excellent durability and longevity.

Sit Back, Relax, and Smile. SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 Will Do the Rest

Attach your phone. Fire up the app. And you’re on your way to the best selfies you’ll ever take, without any of the hassle! The Shelfystand 360 is your newest go-to device for taking photos, whether you’re at home or on the go. Sit back and relax as Shelfystand 360 intelligently snaps your best pics. All you have to do is decide which amazing filter you’re going to add to them! Watch your social media status soar like never before.

Now Anyone Can Take Professional-Looking Selfies Without Even Touching Their Phone

This year so many people have begun to look for ways to make spending time at home more exciting. Enter the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 This engaging mobile tool provides you with convenient 360-degree intelligent facial and object tracking so you never miss any action. Perfect for photographing your baby, pet, or yourself, the Shelfystand 360 makes home-life so much better.

Fast & Easy Setup

The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand360 is designed to operate out of the box with minimal setup and frustration so you can enjoy your product immediately.


The snapshot shelfystand 360 is lightweight and this makes it a popular choice among many users as you can easily pack the gadget into your bag, pockets or carry it in one hand. Unlike other snapshot stands that are so large and heavy that they need to be transported when there’s a need for them.

It is also robust and less prone to damage during crashes.

You Don’t Need To Disturb Strangers

With the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 you can confidently take your own photos and create amazing memories without disturbing strangers. You say goodbye to those awkward moments that you have to ask a stranger to help you take your photos because you obviously need to create memories.


Customer reviews

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  1. N***E

    It works very well. Practical. Follow the movement. Works with batteries. Fast delivery, I recommend this seller.

  2. H***r

    Fast delivery,Love it Thank you

    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
  3. K***r

    The Apai Genie 360° rotation facial tracking selfie stick is amazing, it was easy to set up and use.

    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
  4. G***g

    Good stuff. All as in the description

    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
  5. K***r

    Really easy to use and great for doing you own videos. It may take a second or two for it to catch tracking but once it locks in you are good to go. This was definitely a good buy.

    Snapshot Shelfystand 360
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