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Keep Your Cat Engaged For Longer

It’s no secret that cats get bored easily and need stimulation. Cardboard boxes and shopping bags just aren’t a good solution to this problem. Traditional cat toys are quite frankly, out-dated which is why we’ve created a more interactive, claw-friendly toy that will keep your cat engaged for longer.

Promotes Exercise & Play-time

We’ve found that The Purrin Cat Magic Toy stimulates exercise far more than traditional toys of its kind. This is due to the texture and flexibility of the toy which appeal to a cat’s natural predatory instinct.


At Purrin’ Cat, we care about all animals which is why we believe in creating a movement towards using more sustainable materials. We made The Purrin Cat Magic Toy out of cardboard so it won’t end up in landfill for thousands of years.

Connect Them Together

You can join up to 4 Purrin Cat Magic Toys together to make a bigger, more flexible toy. On average most people buy two toys for this reason.

Suitable For Cats Of All Ages

Our feedback has been that all cats from kittens to senior cats absolutely love The Purrin Cat Magic Toy. Age is just a number when it comes to a new interactive toy!


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